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Factors affecting the ball mill production quality
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XSM Machinery (Factors affecting the ball mill production quality) in mineral processing aspects widely used, many customers get more benefits, XSM product also mainly for minerals, rock crusher, mineral grinding, sand stone and mineral processing and other fields. We provide Factors affecting the ball mill production quality technical guidance, based on your specific needs, for your rational design of production lines.

Because the tariff is low, you can (Factors affecting the ball mill production quality) to save a lot of costs, it can also be purchased to get more benefits, our products and designs for you is really value for money.

Ball mill machinel is the material, and then to smash the key equipment. It is widely used in cement, Portland products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics industry production of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.

Affect the quality of the ball mill production of several major factors:

Influence factors on the quality of the ball mill produced a lot of, can generally be divided into process factors and mechanical factors two kinds big.

2.1 influence ball mill production process quality factors

2.1.1 into grinding material particle size

Due to the dry grinding ball of energy utilization is only 2% - 3%, domestic and overseas engineering technical personnel after years of scientific research and production practice, this paper puts forward "broken less grinding, for a generation of grinding" pre grinding process, make the ball mill production greatly raised, grinding power consumption is reduced significantly, and increase energy saving effect is very good. Ball mill design and manufacture of nameplate production (production capacity), and in the person grinding material average particle size is 25 mm to determine when, in its less than 25 mm conditions, mill production according to the following empirical formula conversion:

The production practice showed that, when the person is grinding material average particle size from 25 mm were down to 5, 3 and 2 mm, the mill production can be increased by 38%, 53% and 66%.

2.1.2 into grinding material moisture

The material of water directly affects the accuracy of the ingredients and mill production and power consumption. For two reasons: first of all. Due to the material moisture big and affect the uniformity of feeding, and feeding time extension. Secondly, due to the wet material feed people too much, it is possible to cause in the grinding paste ball, paste lining plate of the phenomenon, appear even 'full mill "and was forced to stop grinding processing. Generally speaking, people grinding material comprehensive water every 1% increase, mill production will be reduced by 8% - 10%; when the moisture content is more than 5%, the dry mill basically unable to grinding homework.

2.1.3 into grinding material characteristics and grindability

People grinding material variety and its matching, directly related to the mill's production, quality and yield power consumption. The latest research results show that: any mixed material will reduce the strength of the cement, but the activity of composite materials, the different reduce cement strength at different levels of it. Commonly used in composite materials, slag activity is best, but the specific surface area of the slag in the 300 m '/ kg below, its effect on the strength of cement and did not reflect the advantage of it. The material of the grindability of mill production and product quality effect is obvious. This point in the shaft kiln cement enterprise, in the past have been ignored. National standard, and the material of the grindability factor to grinding work index said.

Since most of the enterprise did not professional testing equipment, general with test refined test material and standard sand relative grindability factor, but also to determine the grinding process parameters as reference. We use the original, burning material relative grindability coefficient measurement, ball mill grinding body load and gradation design calculation and adjustment, there is the basis, and improve the yield and quality of the grinding machine can use the scientific means and methods to control.

2.1.4 grinding process

Don't consider before grinding the preliminary crushing, grinding process can be divided into open process and closed process (hereinafter referred to as open flow and circle flow). In the same conditions, the latter than the former high about 20% one 30%; After the new standard for the cement grinding screen residue greatly reduced, the circle flow powder grinding cement also requires higher specific surface area, therefore, the flow of the early strength cement grinding high advantage is not very obvious, so, the proposal is conditional cement plant, as far as possible the circle flow grinding process, so that can avoid open flow of grinding mill phenomenon, and can guarantee the energy saving of high grinding machine.

In the past to circle flow powder grinding process control, often use "circulation rate, and" choose powder efficiency "two technical parameters to achieve. Practice has proved that the grinding fineness and finished product fineness basic invariable situation, the feed back fineness to adjust and control the circle flow grinding system, more convenient.

2.1.5 to grinding specific surface area of the finished product requirements

Both raw material grinding, or cement grinding fineness, the finished product is different, the grinding process of yield and quality are of great influence. We through the production practice statistics, test, induction and calculation, obtained the grinding product specific surface area and mill production experience calculation formula:

According to this formula, mill product specific surface area is 300 m2 / kg yield when if 10 t/h, if the product specific surface area increased to 350 m2 / kg, the mill output will reduce to 8.1 t/h.

2.2 impact mill production quality mechanical factors

2.2.1 mill cylinder body ventilation

Mill in well ventilated can be reduced in the grinding temperature, discharge water, reduce after grinding phenomenon and improve grinding efficiency. Experience has shown that circle flow powder grinding ball mill, grinding in wind speed should be held in 0.8-1.0 m / 5 or so, and open flow when grinding should be controlled in 1.0-1.2 m/s or so, such ability to adapt to the requirements of high energy saving grinding machine. We can also according to the mill actual production to fan selection, experience formula is as follows:

2.2.2 grinding inside structure

In the grinding structure refers to the mill cylinder body plate, bi is board, diaphragms plate and into, discharging device, etc. At present the shaft kiln cement enterprises in the use of the specification for (p2.2 m and the following ball mill, although mill is now the new purchase, but manufacturing mill the use of drawings, also in the twentieth century under five and s design material. Such as: feed port for 900 square feed, grinding head feed screw vane Angle for 370, diaphragms plate location and plate form etc are just the same. Therefore, appear feed port have material retention area, feed speed slow, affect ventilated area, to pre grinding material all positions produce grinding, grinding uneven phenomenon, limit the low efficiency of ball mill energy saving high quality. Proper mill structure adjustment, it is very necessary.

2.2.3 grinding body grading and continue filling rate

Due to the change of the grinding process conditions, the traditional method with the ball and fill rate design is hard to adapt to the current mill energy saving high needs. According to the actual people grinding material size, grindability factor (or relative grindability factor), plate and diaphragms plate form, installation position and mill power, speed, etc., necessary each location grinding body dynamic test, calculated and determined.

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